Sky-Blue was established in 2004.

Since then our Company has produced mainly “own label” products for many leading European companies. Honesty and cooperation is our consistent principle and support to our customers.

During cooperation with “own label” customers in last decade, we seriously think about the product quality, safety and durability, from the stage of sampling, manufacturing till the final products. Testing is done at each stage to assure quality and safety of Every toy.

We also keep-learning the industry standard, understand and implementation of the industry's new testing standards in advance. We will always exceed the requirements of the laboratory for the product quality control, because we are convinced that, standard is just an industry entry criteria, our goal is to provide high quality, imaginative, ECO wooden toys to Children of the world.

NEVER FORGET WHY YOU STARTED. This is the motto which Sky-Blue team would always keep in mind. During our development and growth in the wooden toy industry since 2004, we have been facing and fulfilling our responsibilities and mission. We look forward for another decade from our existing customers and to welcoming new ones to share in our success.

Trust brings us together, “Trusted, Learning, Fun” is the soul of any toys from Sky-Blue which are for kids in the world. We aspire to leave the world in a better condition than when we received it.

Quality toys would be created with you!

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